Not sure how we went from “cannabis is a class I drug” to “oh wanna buy some weed?  let me get all your info and put it in my computer that I promise will never get hacked or subpoenaed”.  So…my public service announcement:

Dispensaries that have a human visually checking your ID:

Dispensaries that scan the barcode or mag strip on your ID (which includes drivers license number, license class, name, expiration date, birth date, issue date, address, sex, hair color, eye color, height, and weight) into their absolutely hackable and subpoenable database:

  • Stiiizy (definitely their Dogpatch San Francisco location, almost certainly all locations as well) – and they will send you marketing materials, don’t give ’em a valid email address.
  • The Plug (Napa, CA)
  • Abide (Napa, CA)
  • Apothecarium (various locations in San Francisco)