Postmeds Data Breach

I received a letter in the mail today regarding a data breach that occurred between August 30, 2023 and September 1, 2023.  The breach may have included names and prescription information, including possibly the medication type, demographic info, and the prescribing physician.

Did you get this letter and have never heard of Postmeds too?  Well, Postmeds is either now known as or is doing business as TruePill…and if you use Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drugs (which I still highly recommend), TruePill is one of two companies contracted by Cost Plus to fill prescriptions.  And now you know how you got exposed.

What is Postmeds doing about the breach?  Improving their security, training their employees in cybersecurity threats, regretting the inconvenience, and otherwise telling us to fuck off.  They couldn’t do us the courtesy of telling us how this information could be used to compromise our security–and how to guard against that–because that would be admitting the potential ramifications of this breach.

And I’m grateful that I’m not on medication for any embarrassing medical conditions.