BlueShield of CA Contracting out Telemedicine Services to Teledoc, who Employs a Physician Indicted for Telemarketing Medicare Fraud Conspiracy

Well, this is concerning.  A member of my family had a Teledoc appointment with Dr. David Antonio Becerril, who was indicted on “sixteen counts of conspiracy, fraud, and false statements in connection with Dr. Becerril’s participation in a telemarketing health care fraud scheme”.  I’m all about second chances, but I’m not a fan of my healthcare being in the hands of someone who has allegedly a clear preference for money over my health outcomes.  Oh, and the doc fucked up my family member’s prescription too.

Shame on Blue Shield of California for trusting Teledoc, and shame on Teledoc for improperly vetting their healthcare providers.  This is what I get for my $860/month health insurance (after a 20 fuckin percent increase in the upcoming year, after a 15% increase last year).