Wiring Diagram for BikeMaster front turn signal and Honda Nighthawk CB750

The front turn signals on my 1996 Honda Nighthawk CB750 needed replacing, so I picked up some replacement aftermarket units by BikeMaster (#261035).  Mechanically they are identical to what was on my bike, but electrically, the wires were a different color. The BikeMaster units came with the wires terminated in snap plug terminals, so it was an easy fix.

The signals use model 1034 light bulbs which have an 8W filament (corner light) and a 23W filament (turn signal).  Here’s a quick summary of how things get connected (left/right per the Clymer manual):

Function BikeMaster Wire Color Left wire harness Right wire harness
Turn signal Red Light blue Orange
Corner light Black Light blue + white stripe Orange + white stripe
Ground Black + white stripe Green Green

And now graphically (left/right as if you were facing the bike, as you will be when you do this repair):

Ah, shit, re-reading this has me wondering if I have left/right backward somewhere–better double check me before you follow this guide.