Attempting to Get to the Root of Spam Calls

I recently upgraded my T-Mobile plan, during which I learned about their Scam Shield app.  Scam Shield gives you an overview of your incoming calls, along with the ability to perform a reverse number lookup, which will tell you the company that handled the origination of the call.  Almost all of my spam calls were via VOIP and I’ve been attempting the likely futile effort of going after the spammers by reporting abuse to their VOIP carriers.  So far, I’ve been able to stop these repeated calls from a specific pair of phone numbers that were handled by Twilio.  So…if you wish to join me in this Sisyphean quest, get Scam Shield and then report these numbers to the spammers VOIP carriers.  Here’s a link to the various abuse reporting pages:

  • Bandwidth
  • IP Horizon – no link because these asshats don’t have a means to report abuse.
  • Onvoy
  • Twilio